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Sheathed cables

Sheathed cables | Individual cable assembly according to your manufacturing documents or cable samples

Datenkabel und Sensorkabel für industrielle  Anwendungen. Kabelkonfektion für Messtechnik und Sensoren.

Advice, planning and assembly of high quality sheathed cables

We assemble multi-core shielded and unshielded sheathed cables for all areas of application. We can process and assemble all common cable types from all manufacturers to special cables. Sheathed cables are cut, stripped, assembled and labeled according to your specifications or sample cables. Manufacturers, cross sections and insulation materials of the cables to be processed play no role for us in the assembly. All assembled cables are optically and electronically tested according to customer specifications. The cutting, stripping and stripping of the sheathed cables is carried out by special machines. The cutting, stripping and assembly of very thick and rigid sheathed cables is done by hand. All types of sheathed cables available on the market can be processed and assembled. Contacts and connectors are handcrafted, partly with machine support, assembled and assembled. Sheathed cables with shielding are processed with particular care since the shielding must not be damaged or have short circuits to the data lines. Special connectors are provided with a molded shrink tube and glued to the connector, airtight and watertight. All pre-assembled sheathed cables are optically and electronically checked and, if desired, labeled according to your specifications.


What is a sheathed cable?

A sheathed cable consists of several separately isolated strands and cables. All cables of the sheathed cable are stranded and covered with a common insulation sheath. The cable sheath keeps the bundled strands and cables in shape, protects against mechanical damage and environmental influences such as UV radiation, moisture or chemicals. Sheathed cables can be wrapped or sheathed over the bundle of strands and cables with a braided shield made of copper wires or a wrapped shield made of aluminum or copper foil. This shielding of the sheathed cable protects the internal strands and cables against electromagnetic influences from the outside. This ensures that electrical analog or digital signals cannot be influenced or distorted by external electromagnetic interference. The type of sheathed cable depends on the area of ​​application. For every area such as Automotive, robotic, military technology, aircraft or shipbuilding, there are strands, cables and sheathed cables specially tailored to the needs.

Datenkabel für industrielle  Anwendungen. Kabelkonfektion zum einem  Daten- und Stromkabel für Maschinen.

Areas of application for assembled sheathed cables

Sheathed cables are used in many areas such as Automotive, robotic, military technology, aircraft or shipbuilding used. There are strands, cables and sheathed cables specially developed for each application area. Sheathed cables offer the internal cables protection against damage from liquids, chemicals, weather influences (UV) and mechanical loads. Special sheathed cables not only contain strands and wires, they can also carry coaxial cables, compressed air and water lines as well as many other different types of lines. In this way, all types of cables and wires required for the corresponding application can be bundled in one sheathed cable. Such special sheathed cables are often used in the medical field.

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