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Wiring devices
Device wiring | Individual assembly and wiring according to your manufacturing documents or samples

Verdrahtung Nadelbettadapter | Testsysteme und Prüfadapter mit Nadelbett | Langner Elektronik

Advice, planning and assembly of high quality strands, wires & cables

Assembly and wiring of mechanical and electronic parts and components to a finished device. Components such as cables, strands, contacts, connectors, lamps, motors, sensors and printed circuit boards are wired according to their circuit diagrams. The wiring is designed in such a way that it meets both technical and visual expectations. We also assemble and wire electronic devices and assemblies that require a certain degree of instinct as well as technical knowledge and experience. For example, we assemble and wire test and test systems, test adapters, sensors, needle beds with transfer units and all types of electronic devices or assemblies. All cables and strands required for wiring are prefabricated in our in-house cable assembly. We can procure components such as cables, insulating sleeves, connectors, screws and other components and process them accordingly. Ask us about your project without obligation and free of charge.

Verdrahtung | elektronische Baugruppen und Geräte | Deutschland
Löten und Verdrahten elektronischer Baugruppen, Geräte und Leiterplatten
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