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cutting service

cutting service | Individual assembly and wiring according to your manufacturing documents or samples

Litzen Zuschnitt und abisoliert

Advice, planning, assembly and cutting of strands, wires, cables & hoses

Cutting strands, cables and insulating sleeves to the size you specified. Strands and cables can be stripped on both sides and tinned on request or assembled with contacts according to your specifications. We cut shrink sleeves, insulating sleeves and fabric sleeves in all lengths and sizes. Shrink sleeves and insulating sleeves can be cut from a length of 1mm. We cut braided hoses "hot" so that the individual fibers of the fabric hoses melt together cleanly. Ask us about your project without obligation and free of charge.

Zuschnitt von Geflechtschlauch und Schrumpfschlauch und Isolierschläuche

Cutting fabric and insulating hoses

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