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Cable assembly and assembly service

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Welcome to Langner Elektronik, her experts all around cable

We manufacture cable from Small up to majority series. Now here they get a small insight into our manufacturing possibilities. As a manufacturer of qualitatively high-quality cable candy ions we move for them every desired cable manufacture one to one. Our engineers realize this after her specification or pattern. We offer a quick, rational and economic solution to them and are available for inquiries and other details for you. Their reliable partner of the project planning, development, check, up to the ready end product. We make small amounts up to majority series for you, with us they stand as a customer with her needs and requirements always in the center of our work.

Kabelkonfektionierung von Litzen und Kabel für elektronische Geräte und Baugruppen | Langner Elektronik

Cable assembly for industrial applications

Practically all common cables up to special cables can be processed. The material and type of cable is irrelevant. The cables can be assembled with contacts, plugs and electronic components of all types and manufacturers as well as with active and passive components. Ribbon cables, strands, wires, coax cables, triax cables, cable harnesses, cables suitable for drag chains, multi-core and shielded sheathed cables and many more can be assembled with all conceivable insulation, shielding, lengths and components.

Nadelbettadapter Montage, Verdrahtung und Kabelkonfektionierung nach Ihren Spezifikation

Assembly and wiring of electronic devices and assemblies

In addition to our core business of cable assembly, we assemble and wire electronic devices, machines, control cabinets and electronic assemblies according to your specifications, drawings, circuit diagrams or samples. All work is checked 100% optically and electrically. The assembly is done by hand, but is supported by modern technology. That means we work with finely adjustable, electrical quick-screw systems that prevent the screw connection from being too loose or over-tightened. Our well-trained mechatronic engineers and fitters are of course always very sensitive and careful with the installation so that the sensitive components are not damaged or scratched.

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