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Assembly production

Assembly production | Individual production of electronic assemblies according to your production documents or samples

Baugruppenfertigung und Verdrahtung | Langner Kabelkonfektion

Advice, planning and assembly of high-quality assemblies and devices

We assemble and wire electronic assemblies and devices. The assembly is carried out using assembly documents provided by the client as well as circuit diagrams for the displacement. Mechanical components can be inserted, screwed or glued. Depending on the possibilities, gluing work is carried out by hand or with a dosing system. All work is carried out exactly as you as the client specify. We assemble both partial components and complete devices. The material for assembly and wiring can be provided or procured through our purchasing department. After the final assembly, assemblies and devices can be checked according to your specifications on request.

Baugruppenfertigung und Verdrahtung | Langner Kabelkonfektion
Baugruppenfertigung und Verdrahtung | Langner Kabelkonfektionierung
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