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Koaxialkabel Individuelle Kabelkonfektion nach Ihren Produktionsunterlagen oder Kabelmustern

Konfektionierte Koaxialkabel: Kabelkonfektion & Montageservice

Advice, planning and assembly of high quality coaxial cables / triax cables

We assemble high-quality coaxial cables with coax connectors of all types and manufacturers for you. Coaxial cables with a diameter of 1mm to 7mm can be processed mechanically and stripped on both sides. Due to the mechanical processing of the coax cables, an absolutely precise cutting and constant stripping of the cable ends is guaranteed. The connectors to be assembled can be processed efficiently without damage or short circuits. Coaxial cables with larger cross sections are stripped by hand and further processed, regardless of the cable type and the insulation material. In addition to the standard coaxial cable, we also process and assemble triaxial cables and the associated connectors. Triaxial cables have two mutually insulated shields that have to be stripped in different lengths and cross sections. Triaxial cables and plugs are somewhat more complex to assemble than standard coaxial cables.

Konfektionierte BNC Koaxialkabel: Kabelkonfektion & Montageservice

What is a coaxial cable?

Coaxial cables are bipolar cables with a concentric structure. Coax cables consist of an inner conductor, the "soul" and an outer conductor, the shield. The outer conductor and inner conductor are insulated by an insulator, the dielectric. The shielding of a coaxial cable usually consists of a braided shield, aluminum foil, copper foil or a current-conducting coating (ferrite) that is applied to the insulator. The braid is covered with a plastic sheath to protect the internal cables against liquids and mechanical damage. The mechanical structure of the cable determines the wave resistance and the attenuation of the line. Most coaxial cables have a wave resistance of 50 or 75 ohms, the attenuation varies with the frequency transmitted on the coaxial cable. There are therefore coax cables with different attenuation factors that are used for the respective frequency ranges.

Triaxialkabel Konfektioniert: Kabelkonfektion & Montageservice

Possible uses of coaxial cables

Coax cables are used wherever frequencies from 1 kHz to several GHz are transmitted. For example in broadcast technology, telecommunications, measurement technology and radar technology. Coaxial cables with a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms are used in radio and television technology, 50 ohm coaxial cables in communication technology and measurement technology.

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