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Strand assembly | Individual cable assembly according to your manufacturing documents or cable samples

Litzen Konfektionierung DEArtist Name
00:00 / 02:56
Kabelkonfektion von Litzen und Kabel als Kabelsatz. Kontakte crimpen oder verpressen.
Kontakte crimpen oder verpressen. Zuschnitt von Litzen und Kabel. Kabelkonfektion nach Zeichnung oder Muster.
Kontakte crimpen oder verpressen. Kabelkonfektion von Litzen und Kabel als Kabelsatz.

What is a braid?

Stranded wires consist of a multitude of thin copper wires that form a bundle with a light twist. The individual copper wires of the strand can be bare, tinned or silver-plated depending on the application. Bare copper wire has the disadvantage that the surface corrodes and thus loses its conductivity. Stranded wires with tinned copper wires do not have this disadvantage and are also easier to tin and solder. For special applications such as antenna, auto, measurement and medical technology, there are strands with a silver-plated surface. Silver-plated strands conduct better and are therefore irreplaceable for certain areas of application.

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